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Wolof Course Signup Page

Signup for the Wolof Primer

Thanks for your interest in the Wolof Online primer.

You can become a member of Wolof Online by clicking here.

If you would like to get an idea of what the Wolof Primer is like, you can access the Wolof Cardinal Numbers Module by clicking here. Use whatever you like for the username and use wolof as your password (password is all lower case.) If you don't want to use this module online, simply download it using the appropriate link below (if you are a WebTV user and plan on becoming a Wolof Online member, we strongly recommend that you try this module before joining. For more information about issues with WebTV, please click here).

Wolof Cardinal Numbers
(PC/Windows/Mac--for live Internet learning)

Wolof Cardinal Numbers
(PC/Windows--for download)

Wolof Cardinal Numbers
(Mac Only--for download)

* While these self-contained modules do not require the Macromedia plugin, they are larger and will take a bit longer to download.

Technology to Better Serve You

As you may know, we are using Macromedia Flash to produce the online Wolof course. Flash has wonderful advantages which we are sure you'll appreciate:

  • A full, multimedia experience neatly package in error free flash modules

  • Streaming technology for a stable, high quality learning experience

  • Modules automatically saved to your computer. This means that low bandwidth users won't have to wait forever to re-download a module that is already installed.

  • Modules to go: You have the option of downloading each module without viewing it online. Modules will be available in PC and Macintosh format. You can keep these self-contained modules on your hard drive, take them with you on a trip -- the freedom is yours. This means that you can study your modules without being connected to the Internet. All the other online language sites we've seen require that the user be connected to the Internet.

Try a module right now; simply right-click on the appropriate link to the left and choose the "Save Target As" command in Internet Explorer or the "Save Link As" command in Firefox (Mozilla) and Google Chrome.


Please Be Advised...

We currently have 11 distinct Wolof modules posted for your learning pleasure. We also have the Peace Corps Wolof-English dictionary and Wolof Grammar Manual. You can download the dictionary and grammar manual for free but we ask that you make a small donation to this website for accessing the Flash modules.

NB: as of February 16, 2013, there is an excellent Wolof-English, English-Wolof dictionary available as a free, downloadable e-book here.

Before you signup, please keep in mind that our course is a Wolof primer, not a full, college level course.

Access to our modules is free, but you can donate whatever you can afford to help keep this website going and growing:

Donate whatever you like, via Cash App,
to help keep this site going...

Donate whatever you want to www.WolofOnline.com via Cash App

Donate whatever you want to www.WolofOnline.com via Cash App

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