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Priceline Airfare: You Choose: Flight & Time

Miscellaneous Links:

  • AJED -- L'association des Jeunes pour l'Education et le Dévelopment - a Senegalese development organization which also organises workcamps.
  • AllAfrica.com --News from The Gambia.
  • AllAfrica.com --News from Senegal.
  • BusyInternet --stimulating economic development in developing countries by opening large, high-tech, Internet access centers.
  • Kabissa --dedicated to providing a space on the Internet for the African nonprofit sector.
  • Kidlink--getting kids around the world to talk to each other...
  • The Life in Africa Foundation --Make a donation to support hard working Africans that is meaningful, effective and efficient. Life in African will triple the effectiveness of your donation with guaranteed loans to small businesses and entrepreneurs. You can even invest your money for two years (you get all your money back!). A great way to help those in need help themselves.
  • Ousmane Sembene Film Festival--a retrospective.

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